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i hadn’t noticed his shadow is the american flag before omfg


i hadn’t noticed his shadow is the american flag before omfg

can we talk about sebastian stan’s legs for a moment?

you’ll never find him.


When you feel my heat
Look into my eyes
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide
Don’t get too close
It’s dark inside
It’s where my demons hide
It’s where my demons hide

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bridgesandbullshit asked: Imagine that Steve, after waking up, drew Bucky all the time, anywhere he could- napkins, documents, notebooks- because he never wanted to risk forgetting that face. He has an entire drawer in his flat, crammed with books full of these drawings. One day, Bucky opens the drawer.
imaginebucky answered:

 he sees how much love steve put into those drawings - steve always did see the best parts of him, and these are drawn with the attention to detail that told bucky steve paid attention to him, to what made him smile, to the way  he laughed, to the way he looked when he thought steve wasn’t looking. it makes him nostalgic; steve obviously loved him as he was, but he isn’t that laughing young man anymore.

when steve gets home, he offers nervously that he could pose for steve, like he used to when they lived in brooklyn, if steve wanted to draw him…for a second he regrets it, but steve’s face lights up and before he knows it he’s seated across the room while steve is sketching intently.

the drawing he produces has just as much love in it as the others; steve hasn’t shied away from  his scars or his arm or the haunted look that he can’t shake out of his eyes these days, but it’s soft and warm and he’s seeing himself as steve sees him and he can’t find any words for it, any words at all.

roboclaws asked: "#fic where bucky does more and more on-the-line-evil things #just dARING steve to put him down #because he can't be un-broken" FIC WHERE BUCKY PUSHES AND PUSHES AND STEVE'S MORALITY STARTS TO SLIP AS HE TRIES TO JUSTIFY THE HORRIFYING THINGS BUCKY DOES, BECAUSE THE ALTERNATIVE - THAT BUCKY CAN'T BE SAVED - IS EVEN WORSE
philcoulson answered:

fic where Sam sees Steve straying from his usual moral white hat stance, sees Bucky dragging him down like a dark anchor and can do nothing to stop it

fic where Bucky, in his attempt to get Steve to just finish the job and put him out of his misery, in his attempt to get Steve to just snap and kill him, he accidentally drags Steve into a moral grayness that shocks them both

you do not have to be good

and you can be so good at being bad.

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i carry the blood of the spartax line. don’t hold it against me.

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if you don’t think this is the saddest thing in the whole of the MCU then you’re very very wrong.

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